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10 April 2012

{something anthropologie} DIY monogram mug

I found this awesome tutorial online, and I knew it was the perfect gift for family and friends.

Supplies you need: transfer paper, mug, porcelain pen, pencil, tape, oven, computer, printer, favorite fonts.

You can read and see the step-by-step here, at Design Mom's blog. These mugs are so much like the sweet anthropologie ones. I used my Lady Rene font.

For the adult friends and family in my life, I created monograms. But I did create a few for some kids with their full names. I remember being 9-years-old loving my name tattooed to my beach bag and notebooks for school and pretty much any other place imaginable.

I even have a very fond memory of hitting the local dime store with Mama to handpick a wooden cut out of my name. She let me pick the colors and design {pink with white daisies}. It was sort of like this one on etsy. I also remember the day that it broke, fallen from my bedroom shelf nearly 10 years after we bought it. Sometimes it's ok that a memory is just a memory, without the keepsake, right?

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