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27 March 2012

{something sewn} fancy DIY burp cloths

When Nikki made me the sweet handmade burp cloths for Baby Jupiter, she called them fancy. She also said they were for keeping in my diaper bag and using when we are out in public. I agree with her. But I also thought it would be so sad to not have the pretty ones brighten our days at home.

And then I remembered my stash of pretty quarter yard cuts of fabric I'd been collecting. I was collecting them for a simple sewing project. Before Nikki even gave me the gift, the plan was to use some of the fabrics for my own fancy burp cloths. Because here's the thing: My mama had saved a stack of original Gerber cloth diapers from my baby days. Well, mine and my brothers and sisters. She used them as diapers, and the diaper delivery man picked them up every week. And for some reason Mama saved a stack. They are still super soft, and I just adore the vintage blue Gerber stamp.

So the other afternoon I sat down with my stash and began to sew my own collection of pretty burp cloths. I did go out and buy a few more new ones because I have more fabric patterns I want to use. But I figure that the ones that don't get too far gone in the baby game can easily be used later on as dust cloths. Or simply stashed in the attic for Baby Jupiter to find 29 years from now. The fox one below is one of my favorites. I just love that fabric. I actually have a half yard of it. I'm trying to decide on another project for it. Maybe a cute dress for autumn.

To make these pretty burp cloths, just measure your fabric to go across the base of the cloth diaper with about a quarter inch of excess on each side. Then fold the fabric over and sew around. Simple, simple. And if it's not, I'm sure there's a tutorial online that I didn't use. Or check out all of these ones. Or this one. An iron would make it much easier.


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