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03 March 2012

{something polaroid} DIY Polaroid Thank You Notes

I really like these Polaroid note cards by Chronicle Books. I love everything Chronicle Books puts together. But as I looked at the different designs in the pack of Polaroid note cards, I began thinking I wanted similar note cards with my own photography, especially my Instagrams.

Since Jv and I have been showered with so many gifts for Baby Jupiter--and more are to come--I've been writing thank you  notes like crazy. And I officially ran out of my stash right after the holidays.

I finally got to creating Thursday night. I tried to make my Polaroid note cards true to dimensions, but I know I am a bit off with the inside square. I still think it's ok.

Step One:I simply used a Pages document on my Mac. The first step was to draw the outside square. I went for the palest gray color because I didn't want any lines.

Step Two:Then I added a temporary inside square to be a placeholder for the image.

Step Three: I added the note "thank you" in the font Elegant Light.
Step Four:After I created the template, I pulled in images from iPhoto. All in all, I used 20 images. After saving each file as a Pages document, I saved it as a PDF.
Step Five:I saved the PDF documents to my pretty alligator pink flash drive.

Step Six: I drove to Kinkos to have them printed on white cardstock in my stash. I printed 140 cards, and each card cost about 15-cents. You could print at home if you wanted, but I think that the prices at Kinkos are great when I am printing a large quantity.

Step Seven: I cut each one. I could have had Kinkos cut them, but I was worried they might be off too much. Next set, I think I will trust them with a few so the cuts are crisper.

Overall, I think they turned out really well. Plus the images are extra personal. Some are even of spots around Jv's hometown, so I'm sending a lot of those shots to the friends and family still living there.

I think my favorite ones are the bicycle print from New Orleans and the window print in the step-by-step from Memphis. I can't want to write the notes, and I can't wait to create more original notes this way.

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