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25 March 2012

{something onesie} lace bottoms

I adore ruffles and lace. I seriously own more shirts with ruffles than most people in the 29+1 crowd. I love my ruffles. I've missed wearing them during this maternity time. There's no way I was going to risk stretching my favorite ruffle tanks and dresses.

It's a given that dear Baby Jupiter will be wearing ruffles and pink until she has the voice to tell me no. And that won't be for a least a few months.

My favorite fabric store here in St. Louis, as many of you know, is Jackman's. When I was there a few weeks ago, I spotted the prettiest pink and turquoise eyelet ruffle lace trims. They were perfect for my ruffle projects.

Supplies: No-Sew Fabric Glue {this brand, Unique Stitch, is amazing!}, 1 yard of ruffle lace in the color of your choice {one yard of each color gave me enough lace for one pink onesie, one pink bottom, and one turquoise bottom}, white onesie and/or white cotton diaper cover {I found all of mine thrifting for 69-cents}, cardboard boxes, scissors, and Q-tips.

Step One: Measure your lace across the bottom of the onesie or diaper cover. Cut it to size.
Step Two: Glue a thin layer of the fabric glue directly to the lace.
Step Three: Spread the glue into a smooth layer with the Q-tip.
Step Four: Attach your lace to the clothing. Make sure you press down firmly at every edge to secure the lace to the onesie or diaper cover. Repeat steps 1-4 until you have enough ruffles.
Step Five: Place your cardboard between the layers of the clothing. This will prevent the two layers of fabric from sticking to each other.
Step Six: Allow the glue to dry for 24+ hours before washing or wearing.

Aren't these just the cutest! The diaper covers are size 6mos, but I am hoping I can fit them on her by pinning the front so she can wear them in some newborn portraits. I'm also planning on adding a big pink satin ribbon to the pink ruffle bottoms. I just have to take the time to make the bow. And I might just be waiting for my mama to visit because she's the best bow-maker I know.

The most difficult part about this project was finding the basic cotton bottoms, or diaper covers. They are impossible to find in stores. I think it's because they usually come as part of a dress outfit. I felt incredibly lucky to find two pairs while I was thrifting last week. And now I know to look there every time I pop in at my favorite local spot.

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