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24 March 2012

{something onesie} DIY baby designs

We love The Beatles. Everyone loves The Beatles. I'll never forget the first time I saw my mama's pair of original 45s with the green apples. She let me keep them.

Baby Jupiter already has The Beatles Lullaby CD. And now she has the cutest pink onesie with one of our favorite Beatles lyrics: Let It Be.

And one day I want to have a family photo taken just like the cover of Abbey Road. Don't we all?

Here's what you need for this Quote Onesie DIY

Supplies: two-inch vinyl sticker letters {I used these for my canvas project this summer of places Jv and I have lived}, tie dye spray by s.e.i. {I found mine at Hobby Lobby}, and a white onesie {I picked mine up thrifting for 69-cents!}.

Step One: Arrange your vinyl stickers on your onesie. Be sure to stick them well.
Step Two: Shake your tie-dye ink and spray.
Step Three: Allow onesie to dry. If you want a darker saturation of color, you could add another layer of spray after it dries.
Step Four: Peel off your stickers.
Step Five: Place your dry onesie in the dryer for 20-minutes for the ink to set. 

She's going to look so cute in this one. And she'll look just as fabulous in her Lady Gaga inspired one I made just for Daddy.


P.S. I think this would be a great DIY for all sorts of textiles. I'm already brainstorming a list: kitchen towels for newlyweds, t-shirts for big sisters, tote bags for teachers, cloth notebooks for writers, pillowcases for dreamers...the list is endless.

Do you have any other ideas for what we could create?


  1. Love these! The "Born This Way" one is pretty funny.

    And love the technique! I'll have to let that marinate in my head for a while.

  2. Thanks, Erin! Let me know if any great ideas come your way!!

  3. I am all over this!!! Will make a great big sis/lil sis project. Maybe let big sis help spray the dye? I'll have to think on that. Very cute Katie!

    1. The dye is so no messy, especially if you are outside. I'd just put a pair of rubber gloves on Emme and an art shirt. And you are good to go! If you create something, send me a pic:) xo