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21 March 2012

{something once upon a time} the dexter baby shower

My dear friends in Jv's hometown are some of the closest friends to my heart. Nicole and Maddie offered to host the storybook shower way back in December. Then Holly joined in. Then Sue Ann and Tracey. And then Sherry and Debbie and Sharon. It's funny. I've known Sharon the longest. Her son Shawn introduced me to my Love of My Life, Jv, over eleven years ago. And then Nicole married Shawn. And Maddie married Shawn's brother. And we all kind of live happily ever after.

This is the adorable cake--strawberry pink on the inside--that Holly ordered. It's pretty much the most wonderful cake I've ever seen. I felt so special that it was just for us.

The invitations were equally as cute. I just love every bit of them. The storybook shower matches my love of fairy tales. I can never get enough of the fairy tale world. I adore the new show Once Upon a Time. And I can't wait to see both of the Snow White remakes. I miss teaching American Literature because every year I taught Song of Solomon, I also taught Hansel and Gretel, Rumplestiltskin, and The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World.

Baby Jupiter's dream land will have plenty of fairy tale elements within the woods of her bedroom. I found a LIttle Red Riding Hood coat hook thrifting months ago. I bought it just knowing she was a girl--before the doctor confirmed it. And I just know she will love and cherish the fairy tale prints I found years ago off a little side street in Florence.

My dear hostesses asked everyone at this shower to bring books. We now have a stack of some of our personal favorites--Where the Wild Things Are, The Wizard of Oz--and many more that will become her personal favorites. My Nonnie even sent a vintage collection of stories that belonged to my dad. It's a really sweet vintage piece to have on her bookshelf. I also love the simplicity of each table centerpiece--a book and a stuffed animal. All of it was so sweet, and we ended the day with a million meaningful and practical gifts.

Outfit Details on Me, the Mama-to-Be: Cardigan, A Pea in the Pod; Maxi Dress, Target's Liz Lange Line
Thank you to everyone for all of your joy around this wonderful part of our life. This is me with all my dear hostesses, minus Holly :( Aren't they just lovely?!


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