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22 March 2012

{something just us} a weekend at the b&b

Our plan was to drive around the Midwest over Spring Break. Jv mapped it out, I researched a few vintage shops and local restaurants, and the hotels were booked. Then I talked to my OB. Apparently a trip around the Midwest at 35-weeks is not ideal.

So we cancelled the reservations and planned one-night out in Missouri wine country at a bed and breakfast we spent the weekend at when we celebrated our year anniversary. It's called Heaven on Earth, and it's in Marthasville, Mo., just outside Washington, Mo.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted with homemade chocolate chip cookies and rain. I mean it rained. But it was a lovely feeling with the windows and screen door of the cabin open while the rain poured down during our very peaceful nap.

The rain let up just in time for supper. We drove over the Washington to eat at The American Bounty, but they didn't have reservations available until 8 o'clock. But that was fine with us.

We spent an hour walking the streets of downtown Washington along the railroad tracks and the Missouri River and around the square that didn't seem to have changed since the 1950s.

We ended the evening back at the cabin with a warm fire and completing the missing details from our anniversary book {years 5 and part of 6 are finally written}.

It was a wonderful Saturday. And it was our last "road trip" just us. I know we will take another one some day, but that some day is a bit in the distant future.

I love you, Jv. Thank you for a delightful weekend.

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