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23 March 2012

{something handmade} some favorite gifts

I have some of the most creative and wonderful friends. I think I received something handmade at almost every shower. Whether it was a beautiful cake or a delightful gift, I was always amazed at the small details and time people took to celebrate us and this wonderful event.

Here are some of my favorite handmade gifts.

My friend Nikki of Slap Me Happy created some of the most precious burp cloths {pictured at the top of this post}. Her fabric choices are perfect. She also sewed a very intricate and detailed stroller/car seat blanket. It's perfect. We can't wait to use it for our daily morning and nightly walks with baby Jupiter.

My friend Erin of Lansdowne Life created this remarkable quilt. It's so pretty, so soft, so perfectly sewn. She also made the cutest onesie with a heart {to match my heart mama-to-be tee}, and the sweetest card. She is just amazing.

Then my Nonni surprised me with a quilt, which I will have to post later, and a stack of beautiful, colorful, wonderful flannel receiving blankets. They fit nicely in her changing table, and I am pretty sure they fit better rolled. At least they look prettier. I already put my favorite one--with birdcages all over it--in her diaper bag. They are just delightful.

I am so lucky to have a life filled with so many creative friends--and bloggers.


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  1. Just read this post. We sure are lucky to have crafty & loving folks in our lives! And us crafty folk like to spend time crafting things for folks we love :) Thanks for the "props"!