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28 March 2012

{something favorite} registry wish list granted

Some of the items on my baby registry were hopeful wishes. They were somewhat expensive items, but they were quality items that I really wanted to receive. And the beautiful people in our lives agreed. They wanted to get us these gifts, and I am so happy that they did.

Here are some of my favorites from the registry that we maybe didn't need, but I am so happy to have.

The perfect aiden+anais muslin blankets. I know these will be all purpose for so many things: nursing covers, stroller covers on hot and cold days, swaddle blankets when she's still small,  a changing pad in a pinch, fort building when she's older, all sorts of adventures. I love them. Thank you, Mama.

The super soft and pretty aiden+anais muslin washcloths. I know we will use these often for weekly baths. I just smile thinking about them. I also love how big and thick they are. I am sure they will hold up for many baths. Thank you, Mary and Dave:)

The Burt's Bees Baby Dusting Powder was such a cute bottle. I just adore it. And it looks so perfect in photos. I am so glad to have it. Thank you, Cora and Uncle Boomer. We also adore the Royals baseball onesie from you guys. I don't have a picture...yet.

The Dwell Studio onesie and Pixie ballerina socks. These were a total wish on the list. I was so surprised when they came from my Aunt Aless. Thank you, Aunt Aless. She will look so adorable. And she can't wait to meet you.

The Dwell Studio muslin blankets with the dots and foxes. I know I don't need six muslin blankets. But I just loved the fox design on these ones. And I am so happy to have them. Thank you, Julie and Nate.

The Dwell Studio Alphabet Blocks. These are so darn adorable. And she'll be able to build dreams and cities with them. I especially like that each side of the block has a different design element. They are just perfect. Thank you, Aunt Lissa.

I'll be posting my other favorites that we surprises--i.e. not on a registry--later this month. I might also have another post similar to this one with my favorite registry items from the Corner Cottage because I still need to photograph those!


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