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09 March 2012

{something before} life as we know it

The second bedroom, now named "Jupiter's Dreamland" is currently a mess. I should snap a photo. But come Sunday it will be ready to decorate. I already have a list of design elements to complete--paint trees on the walls, arrange our favorite stories on the custom shelves, create a dreamy crib with her new bedding, and arrange all of the delightful prints.

For now, here are a few "Before" pictures with just the furniture. Jv put together the crib and changing dresser last weekend. The wardrobe is family vintage--it was Mama's, then mine, now hers. My uncle Kevin refinished it a few years ago. I love the stain color, so it's staying.

I think I'm going to miss the brown walls. I'll never forget the weekend I came home to see that Jv had painted them for our then upstairs office. The color was always so calming. I used to use that room to create. And I love how open and wonderful it felt that summer, the both of us cuddled on the carpet, just nestled together in the new room. Now we're looking forward to three of us on the bear skin rug Jv bought her for Christmas.

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