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05 March 2012

{something baby shower} an amazing couples shower just for us

My friend Rita is the ultimate party planner. She's am amazing cook, she introduced me to etsy years ago, and she's just super sweet. I am so lucky to know her. And I am even more lucky to have had her and my dear friends Nikki and Ellen host our delightful couple's shower on Saturday.

I'm going to let the photographs do most of the talking. I am so glad I didn't leave my DSLR behind. The iPhone wouldn't have done enough.

This is the sweet invitation, handmade by Rita and Ellen. Aren't they so cute?!

The lemonade with raspberry ice was so refreshing. I almost drank all five gallons of it--and it was perfect for the three {including me} mamas-to-be and two-just-recent-mamas at the party. I must get the recipe from Nikki:)

The handmade tulle pom poms--such pretty colors--handmade by Rita. And the darling paper bunting that Nikki made. I wanted to steal all of it and just put it in the baby's room. Every day should be a party.

The very delicious cake Ellen picked up was chocolate and raspberry. I loved every bite of my generous slice. The matching pink and orange cake pops sans sticks {there were tons of kids there} were still just as delicious. I really do need to make some cake pops one of these evenings or Sunday afternoons.

Rita's handmade chalkboard menu made to match. She's just too much. Apparently I didn't get any food shots of the monster burger bar. Jv loved it {and I did, too!}

Rita made favors for all of us. The boys all got a mini collection of fine spirits, and the ladies all received handmade hair ties, a flower barrette, and peppermint soaps. She really went all out as the perfect hostess.

I've always wanted to try these super cute soda pops. I took a few sips of the grapefruit one. I love grapefruit, and I always will. And I love that each bottle matched her beautiful color scheme.

Drinking from Ball jars is one of my favorite hobbies. Rita's were extra sweet with the fabrics and pink striped straws. Every detail, I tell you, every detail.

Favors for the kids.

Mini coconut creme pies made by Ellen. Coconut is Jv's favorite and my favorite. I think that's when I knew I loved him. It's hard to find a guy that loves coconut. He's truly my soulmate.

Yarn pom pom center pieces. And Rita even made the yellow flowers out of felted wool. Amazing. Amazing.

More tulle pom poms. She let me bring this strand home. I can't wait to hang it in my studio.

The gifts for the wonderful hostesses weren't nearly enough. I was glad to give Rita her first piece that was really from Anthropologie. But I really can't thank her, Nikki, and Ellen enough.

Nikki--Ellen--Rita--you girls are truly wonderful friends. I am so glad to finally become a mama just like all three of you. We must plan play dates all summer long.



  1. What an amazing looking party, your friends are awesome!