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19 March 2012

{something baby} pacifier and toy clip DIY

I'm nesting. Or at least that's what they say. I'm so excited to have a week to create, organize, and dream. I just love spring break.

As soon as break started Friday afternoon, I rushed to my favorite fabric store in St. Louis: Jackman's Fabrics. There's never a sale coupon for Jackman's, but their selection is to die for. I just have a stash of quarter-yard cuts.

I started the break by making some pacifier clips. I discovered them on Pinterest, and they looked fairly simple to create. I am still longing for a serger, but until then I decided that ribbon could do the job quicker than fabric. Plus I found some beautiful chevron ribbon at Jackman's. I also found this awesome tattoo inspired one with skulls and hearts. I think it's just super cute.

Ribbon, 1/2 yard; scissors; Snap Tool; snaps; sewing machine or needle and thread; matches; clips; hammer {to use with your Snap Tool}.

Step One: Cut your ribbon to its desired length. Using your matches, melt the ends so the ribbon won't fray.
Step Two: Place the ribbon in the snap tool following the directions. I found this awesome snap tool at Jackman's called the Snap Setter. You can also find it here for nearly the same price. Set your snaps in place. You will repeat the steps for each snap.
Step Three: At the other end of the ribbon, loop on your clip {I found mine for $1.45 a pair at Jackman's}. Using a sewing machine {or needle and thread}, sew the loop shut so that the clip is secure.

And that's it. I've got a visual of the steps, but it's all pretty simple. I know some DIYs use velcro instead of snaps, but I think that the snap is more visually appealing. I also think that it will be able to stand the test of time longer than velcro.

I plan to use mine for pacifiers and toys. But I am sure there are more items we might find ourselves using these cute clips with. They are so simple to make; I need to create a few extras for gifts.


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