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20 March 2012

{something baby} a bump

I have not been one of those mamas comfortable with a camera capturing me with this bump. It takes a lot of skill, patience, and kindness to do a pregnant mama justice behind the lens. If I was a millionaire, I'd hire someone to snap some pics. But we are not millionaires. And we needed a crib more than we needed photos. Besides--we will want good family photos when she is here.

My sister Lissa is pretty good with photography. And it's easy for me to just give her my camera and let her snap away. The plan to was to take more shots somewhere pretty with Jv. But we didn't follow through with that.

Outfit Details: cardigan, A Pea in the Pod; maxi dress, Target Spring 2011
I am still hoping that Lissa can make it to STL while I still have that bump so we can hit a spot with JV. I know I want some photos of us and this baby as a bump.

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