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13 February 2012

{something valentine} heart shirt for a mama-to-be

When I saw Jennifer Lopez wearing a white sweatshirt with a beautiful sparkly heart, I had a case of the I-want-thats. And when my issue of St. Louis magazine {a gift from a student} came this month, I saw the price tag for the same magical sweatshirt: $108. And, no, it wasn't a maternity sweatshirt. And it wasn't worth $108.

Many places this year--it seems--are boasting the white sweater with the large red heart. The A Beautiful Mess blog even beat me to the post. But I want to go on record that I had this idea before my dose of a daily read. Plus my method is a bit different.

Supplies you Need: one white {maternity} shirt {mine is from Target}, red and red glitter fabric paints {I used the new Martha Stewart line, and next time I think I will add the fabric mix in or opt for a truer fabric paint}, a heart template {I cut mine from a remnant of craft paper}, straight pins, foam board {I had mine from a recent online photo order}, a paint brush, and a washable fabric ink pen.

Step One: Pre-wash your shirt if you need to. I was *lazy*, and I didn't this time. We'll see how that turns out when I gently wash this one.
Step Two:Cut your heart pattern to the size you want. Mine is really, really giant:)
Step Three: Place the foam board between your shirt. Pin the heart pattern to the board. Be sure the heart is centered and positioned how you want it.
Step Four: Trace the heart pattern with the washable fabric ink pen.
Step Five: Paint your heart with red paint. I used a slanted paintbrush to make sure my edges were fine and clean.
Step Six: Allow the red paint to dry for an hour. Then add a layer of red glitter paint. Allow that to dry for 24-hours.
Step Seven: Wear your valentine shirt for any day of L O V E.


katie scarlett

P.S. I found a great new photo app {pixl-ro-matic}--plus you can edit online without your iPhone. That's pretty cool. I love this filter:)


  1. Love the shirt, when I saw this post I was hoping there was a picture of you!! Love It!! Can't wait to see you :)

  2. This is really cute, Katie! I am so into hearts lately!

  3. You are too cute - Heart this ;o)

  4. Thank you! It was such a wonderful hit at school today. I can't wait to wear it again. Next time, though, I am going to use better fabric paint. xo.

  5. This is such a lovely idea, it looks great!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!