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22 February 2012

{something reused} why this artist saves cereal boxes

Sometimes I forget why I started Charmed Earth. One reason is clearly art. But the other reason, to simplify my life, sometimes gets lost on me.

This post is in honor of all things I keep that most of us recycle or throw away. It should be a new feature. Let's try it out.

Something I never toss or recycle right away: cereal boxes. Jv and I love a good bowl of cereal, sometimes it's the perfect supper, sometimes it's the perfect snack. And in the end it's the perfect artist's medium. I have a paper bag set up in our stairwell to keep my boxes neat and orderly. When the bag gets too full, I do resort to recycling extra boxes {and, just in case you are wondering, I save the waxy liners for cookies, cupcakes, and other baking projects}.

Five Uses for Cereal Boxes {and other snacks like Cheeze-Its and fruit snacks}  Before Recycling:

One: Post Cards: The Heavy Stock is perfect for heavy duty mail. One year I glued Harlequin Romance novel covers to cereal boxes for valentines. And I've also glued photos, magazine pages, vintage patterns, and scrap paper to them. The weight of the cereal box is perfect for holding up in the mail. And it mails at regular post card postage.

Two: Paint Palette/Canvas: The weight is perfect for painting any design {I am thinking it would be perfect for kids} and just for keeping paint while you are working on a wood or canvas project.

Three: Gift Tags: I use pre-cut cereal boxes from Peanut Butter and Yelly to package and sell my button earrings. By adding my own embellishments like sheet music, it creates a professional and extra sweet handmade feel to any handmade gift.

Four: Business Cards: I love the natural look of the cardboard on the inside of a cereal box--it just feels rustic, earthy, and natural. I enjoy stamping or handwriting my contact information on them when I am at craft fairs. They are also perfect for writing little notes when I mail a package via etsy or package a special gift for a friend. I even think they are the best size for slipping a love note to Jv in his work bag.

Five: Pattern Templates: I love making my own envelopes, frames, and boxes. I don't do it often, but when I do, I love having a solid pattern. It's also nice to have patterns for fabric and felt projects. The cardboard of a cereal box is solid. It can stand countless tracings and it's fairly easy to cut with a good pair of scissors.

So. What do you use your cereal boxes for after you've eaten that last bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and Count Chocula?!

katie scarlett


  1. I hoarded cereal boxes up until this weekend, when I cleaned out my craft area and did a lot of purging. I've used them for so many things! I wrapped a lot of my holiday gifts in them this year. They were the perfect size for hand knit hats.

    The good news is that there's a never ending supply as we continue to eat cereal on a regular basis. :)

  2. An idea I am dying to try from the lovely world of Pintrest...fabric wrapped cereal box used as a picture mat instead of store bought matting. Frames are spray painted and ready for my girls rooms. Just need to find the perfect fabric :)