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01 February 2012

{something iPhone} my favorite photo apps

There is one reason I feel like I could never let go of my iPhone: the photo apps. No other smart phone compares. And I don't know how I would complete my Project 365 {photo-a-day} goal without my Instagram app.

So since I love my photo apps so much, I thought I would share my favorite ones with you.

1. Instagram. This app has beautiful filter features. I usually use the Earlybird filter. It gives the photos a nice frame and vintage look. I am also fond of how the X-Pro II filter boosts colors so vibrantly. Plus I love how the prints come out squares. One of my 29+1 goals is to order some actual prints:)

2. Hipstamatic. This app always has a surprise. I love the John S. lens, and I love how the prints come out square. This filters create a vintage look while keeping colors vibrant. This app was my first iPhone photo app, and I will never regret it.

3. Diptic. This app allows you to make collages with your photos right on your iPhone. It's simple to use, with very few layouts and border colors, which keeps every collage looking classic and well balanced. It's perfect to use when I want to post a few pics from a trip or when I just can't decide which photos to post.

4. Color Splash. I have always been a fan of the black and white photo with parts still in color. I recently learned how to edit photos this way in PhotoShop, but Color Splash is so much easier. All you have to do it choose your photos and use your fingers to erase away the black and white to reveal the color underneath. Plus you can save the image as a high resolution. I printed on of mine at Kinkos just the other afternoon at an 8x10 size, and it looks amazing.

Magazine Filter
1974 Filter (My favorite)
Instant Filter

5. Camera Bag. This app's filters are amazing. I love how quick the app works, too. All you have to do it upload a photo from a camera roll and slide through the options. I am particularly fond of the Instant, 1974, Cinema, Magazine, and 1962 filters. I love how each one gives each photo a new look.

6. Picture Show. This app is the most sophisticated and intricate photo app on my iPhone. Which means that it takes the most time. And there are TONS of filters to page through. But the number of styles, light filters, borders, and noise filters make it worth while. I could easily spend hours playing around with all of the options. My favorite part is the ability to make a photo look vintage in more ways than the coloring--the light filters really add an interesting layer. You can also add text and the date to your photos with this app, which makes it a true hit.

Maybe you've already got these apps on your phone, maybe you don't. Either way, I am happy to share my favorites. Enjoy your own Project 365s.

Note that the photos with the vintage red phone booth and the photos in our Spurs wear are by Cheryl M. Photography. She's just great:)



  1. I do have a few of these, but I'm always excited to hear about new ones. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, kgregstar! Let me know if you capture anything exciting!