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08 February 2012

{something for a party} DIY bottle openers

I found these wonderful vintage bottle openers months ago at a local vintage shop here in St. Louis. I just couldn't pass them up. The woman running the register asked me, "Are you have a big party?!" Nope. I guess I should be. It would be a delightful party idea just for fun or for favors.

This time I decided to personalize them for Christmas gifts for my brothers and other guys {and some gals} in our family. I also realized--last minute--that a way to make these less victim to scratching is to use a porcelain pen instead of a paint pen to add detail work {like the initial and arrow designs I illustrated}. I'm even wondering if doing the whole project with porcelain paint might be a nice pay off.

Supplies you Need: vintage bottle openers, paint {I used the new Martha Stewart line} or porcelain paint, a paint pen or porcelain pen, clear sealer, and paint brushes.

Step One: Paint the flat side of the bottle opener. Use the side that won't touch the bottle cap. I painted three coats, allowing each coat to dry in between. Make sure the base coats have had time to dry overnight.
Step Two: Draw your designs with a paint pen or porcelain pen.  Allow design work to dry overnight.
Step Three: If you are using porcelain paint and paint pens, follow the baking directions to set the ink. If you use regular paints, spray a layer of sealer over the bottle opener.

That's it. So simple. I know I've posted these before with more colorful designs, but I thought these were a super cute gift for the guys. And the paint pens made design work so much easier. And so what if I'm still wrapping up my handmade Christmas in February!?



  1. I just gave you Liebster Award on my blog :)

  2. This is such a good idea - I love it! How cute. Even as part of a gift, a custom opening with a nice six pack of beer (or root beer!) would be great. I found your blog via Zane's - very cute! I love. I'm following xx A

  3. I love these, what a great find!

  4. Thank you for all the sweet comments! I love the idea to gift it with a six pack. xo.