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02 February 2012

(something date night} valentine date garland

Rockstar Diaries and A Beautiful Mess spotlight this date night garland idea, each in their own ways. When I saw it, I thought it was the perfect way to get in more dates with my one true love. There are only a few more months of just us. We are so excited to meet baby Jupiter, but I want the moments that I have with Jv, just the two of us, to be even more special. 

Jessica at Vol25 is one of my favorite artists. I've said that before. And when I purchased her newest set, I knew they would be perfect for my garland. Jv and I each took six Valentines. We wrote date nights on the back, and I strung them across the fireplace with bakers twine. I used mini clothespins from Hobby Lobby to attach them to the twine. We marked dates that take more time with gold stars.

Last night we went on our first date: Vintage Vinyl to find a new vinyl for our collection. It was so refreshing to go on a date on a Wednesday night. I almost felt guilty. We searched the vintage and new vinyls until we settled on "Grace" by Jeff Buckley. I can't wait to listen to it together on our next record night. And as a bonus Jv suggested grabbing a quick bonus date at Pinup Bowl--and here's the kicker: at seven months pregnant, I won! I've never beat him in my life. Baby Jupiter must me lucky.

Now I can't wait to see the dates Jv wrote down. It's so romantic, exciting, delightful, wonderful. I love dates.

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