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06 January 2012

{something vintage pattern} DIY pocket mirror

One of my students gave me a Sephora pocket mirror and a Sephora gift card a few years ago to thank me for writing her letter of rec. She was one of the most thoughtful students I have ever taught. Her name was Hayley, and she wrote thank you notes every time she needed to write them. She was truly a remarkable teenager.

I've kept the mirror in my purse for a few years, and since then it's gotten a bit smudged and scratched up. And when I found this other mirror at an Estate sale, {the back side broken, but the parts still princess beautiful} I realized I could make both mirrors even more personal and beautiful with a few patterns from my vintage pattern collection.

I've been dying to do a project with some of my vintage patterns. I can't resist buying them when they are so beautiful and usually priced a nickel or a dime at estate sales, rummage sales, and some thrift shops. They are an addiction. And now I don't regret buying a single one.

Supplies: mirror, vintage sewing pattern, Mod Podge, paint brush, scissors, and fine sandpaper.

Step One:If the mirror you plan to restyle is plastic, scruff it up with the sandpaper. This will allow the glue and paper to stick to the smooth surface more securely. One of my mirrors was plastic, the other needed to have cardboard covered. I didn't need to roughen up the cardboard.
Step Two:Trace your mirror's size onto the vintage pattern using a pencil.
Step Three:Cut your vintage pattern.
Step Four:Cover your mirror's plastic surface with a thin layer of Mod Podge. Be sure to cover every corner and edge well.
Step Five:Smooth out any wrinkles and allow the paper and glue to dry for fifteen minutes or longer if you can wait. I usually can't wait. It would be wise to do this step while working on another project like a longer blog post or photo editing.
Step Six:Cover the pattern image with a layer of Mod Podge. Allow it to dry for another fifteen minutes or more. Then add more coats, drying in between, until you have the coverage and sheen you like. I used three coats.

I think my favorite detail about the pocket mirror is the pair of glasses in the girl's hand. I love how I could almost get the entire image by using the top and bottom halves.

And now that you project is complete, you have a beautiful, one of a kind mirror that you can keep in your purse or gift to a beautiful princess goddaughter.


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