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03 January 2012

{something set} 2012 goals

My 2012 Goals

1. Living with Less: 
This involves letting go of even more "stuff" we don't need in our home. I've already made lists like "Let go of 15 knick-knacks/kitch" = "the candlewick plates I've been dreaming of for years" and "let go of 15 books/magazines" = "new book." This means that unless I let go, I can't let anything in.

I'm also considering hosing a few giveaways on the blog for items that I think you might enjoy. Stay on the lookout for some great accessories!

Living with Less also means that--come summertime--I'm cutting back even more on my wardrobe. I'm not going to do the "not buying anything new" bit again, but I am going to buy more meaningfully. This means that I might splurge on something, but it's because I plan to buy less by focusing on quality and longevity. One question I'm going to ask myself with each personal puchase--including vintage--is "will I wear or use this in 5 years?"  If I can confidently answer yes, and I LOVE the item, it's ok to come home with me. I learned this idea from a fellow blogger featured in Better Homes and Gardens, and it's perfect for me. To keep myself honest, I want to try to do what she does--post what I've acquired every week. I may have to limit the number of purchases I make when the time comes. Right now, my closet is pretty empty since only maternity clothes fit {and a few cardigans and a dress}.

2. Cutting Back on Sweets:
For this goal, as I mentioned before, I'm allowing myself one sweet and one Coca-Cola a week. I'm going to keep track in my planner, with stickers. I have some really cute sweet stickers already in my stash at school. Plus I have my gold stars.

3. "A Photo and A Line A Day"
For this goal, I'm hoping to take at least one Instax Photo a Day. This means I'll also have a line with the photo, but I also received a new book for Christmas that's a five-year journal. So I'm using that, too.

4. "Take Time Every Week to Create"
When I create, I am happier. I hand make gifts for people I love, and I am much more relaxed. I have considered making this goal more specific, but for now I like that's it's open.

5. "Celebrate Us"
This means taking time for walks, preparing the nursery, dreaming up the perfect baby girl name, date nights, and all that fun.

6. Of course my 29+1 list is part of my goal setting, too.

I hope you have time to set your goals this season. And here's to sticking to them.

katie scarlett


  1. I also have a "One Line a Day" notebook, that I've been writing in since August 2010. I love it! The first year is a little dull and there were times that a full week went by when I didn't write stuff down. But the second year is super fun and interesting. I've loved comparing what I did on the same day each year. I'm sure you'll love it too! (Or is yours the "Mom's One Line a Day"? I think that one would be so special and equally fun : ]

  2. Beckie--It's the standard. I kept wondering whether or not to get the Mama one. I for sure liked that pink cover better:) I figure I can get the Mama one if I decide I need it when the baby arrives--or right before she arrives. Thanks for reading:)