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08 January 2012

{something now and then} living with less

One of my first posts on the blog was when I whole-heartedly admitted a shameful truth: I was guilty of hoarding way too many bottles of shower gel.

Last night I felt a sense of calm--that had something more to do with it than my calming bubble bath.

This is what the bathtub looked like in January 2010.

This is what the bathtub looks like in January 2012.
I really am living with less, one thing at a time. This year, I hope we can make it more than what's lined up along the bathtub.

katie scarlett


  1. i am aiming to live with less this year (and forever), this is inspiring!

  2. *Like* And I love the photo-documentation.

    We've started some purging/re-organizing around here too. Need to spend more time on that.