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10 January 2012

{something let go, something acquired} living with less

My goal to live with less and live more thoughtfully is off to a wonderful beginning. So far, I've let go of over 50 knick-knacks. I stacked most of them on the curb outside our charming bungalow. They disappeared in less than an hour.

My reward for letting go of the knick-knacks was this super cute vintage Avon bottle for Jupiter's baby dreamland. It's going to look so sweet on the shelving we want to have built one we get the walls painted white. Plus, I found it on etsy. So I'm supporting an independent vintage seller, Vintage Seekers.

Other items I've acquired since the start of the new year include:

This great calendar from gingiber on etsy. I'm going to frame the April 2011 one in Jupiter's Room. I'm thinking it will look very cute in a photo collage corner above the rocking chair.

These super sweet Valentines from vol25. I look forward to them every year. Jessica is one of my favorite artists. I consider these a collection. I can't wait to hang them like a garland in our bedroom. I'm thinking of writing dates on the back like the idea Elsie of A Beautiful Mess shared via Rockstar Diaries.

This anthropologie ceramic basket I've been dreaming of for months. I used a surprise giftcard my brother gave me for Christmas. My everyday makeup fits perfectly. I love it.

And one new eye shadow from Bare Minerals. The color is "nude beach." I let go of over ten empty or overdue makeup items in order to get this one. And it's just beautiful. It sure makes Monday mornings more bearable.

Have you gotten anything new lately? Or let anything go?

katie scarlett

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  1. I love those vol. 25 Valentine's too! I'm sending them to everyone I know and making a garland out of them is a lovely idea!