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04 January 2012

{something in review} 2011--a year in photos

Last year's year in review was one of my favorite posts. I just love seeing the year come together. As I sift through my iPhoto albums,  I see so many memories. I am always reminded of how far along I've come as an artist and person. This is truly one of my favorite posts to complete each year. You can see the recap of 2010 here.

January 2011: I started a Year of Hearts. It lasted two months, but I am totally ok with not completing that project. It made me realize how much I wanted to thoughtfully think out my goals for 2012. One of my favorite projects was my glitter heart headband. It's still on of my favorite accessories:) My Valentine's Day cards are still one of my favorite design projects, too.

February 2011: I think this month was one of many tears and conversations--but it all worked out. I always want to remember our special Valentine's date in downtown St. Louis. I will always cherish the satin red dress and nude heels I bought for the occasion. I can't wait to wear them again post baby! We spent a delightful evening just the two of us at a downtown hotel and with dinner and a bottle of wine. The next morning we walked around downtown snapping photos and window shopping. It was sort of magical.

March 2011: I couldn't believe fate when Death Valley called JV to say they had an opening for us. So we cancelled our New Orleans trip {saving it for July} and headed for Death Valley. I crossed out a 28+1 wish that I really didn't think would happen. And we visited a place both of us consider one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world. We can't wait to return with our future family--hopefully in a motor home:) Ending the trip in Vegas was the perfect was to relax and live up some glamor! You can review my 29 Before 30 List here.

April 2011: I discovered this salted brownie recipe on Emma's blog. I added extra green sprinkles to make them Master's brownies at Jv's request {since he was watching the Master's all weekend}. This recipe became one of my go-to recipes when I want to wow people with dessert. It's the best.

May 2011: This is the month I really started thinking about restyling our home. My first project was to create a beautiful space with our living room fireplace. I took to heart the idea that decorating with items I love can be one of the best ways to personalize our space. I also realized that decorating a home can {and should} be a timeless and constant art. I used to always think that I needed to re-decorate and re-style my spaces with the seasons. Though I've made small changes to the fireplace mantle, this design is still holding strong. I still like it. And I, of course, love that I don't feel like I have to spend time re-doing it {unless the moment strikes}.

June 2011: Our bedroom makeover was one of my favorite home restyle projects of the year. It was an item to cross off on my 29+1 list, and I loved every moment of planning, styling, and shopping with JV. The painting part was tedious, but it was so worth it. I feel so happy and calm in the space now, and I love the tiny vignettes we created on the walls and with our night stands and dressers. I think I still need to post a formal tour. That's a goal for 2012--after Baby Jupiter's room is complete. So look for a home tour sometime in March or April. I think my favorite part of the room--besides the prints above the bed--is that we blended our new duvet with our old granny blanket. It made everything perfect.

July 2011: New Orleans happened. It was a delightful trip--the weather wasn't too hot, the streets weren't too crowded, and the food wasn't too spicy. I loved our night at Baccanal's the best. Their food, wine, venue, and music was just the most delightful experience. If we ever travel that way again I would love to spend an evening there one more time.

August 2011: Jv and I found out our dream come true: we are expecting a baby in April.

September 2011: Planning my 29+1 party was so wonderful. One of the most wonderful parts was decorating the space in my own style. It was like planning my wedding on a much smaller scale all over again. But I think the most magical part of the evening was being able to share with our friends and family our news about having a baby. I am so happy we had such a wonderful event to share our exciting news. We will always remember it. You can see the photo booth pics and DIY here.

October 2011: Hosting a mini room tour of the living room and kitchen was really fun in connection with my {this house gets clean schedule}. It makes me look forward to hosting our home tour later this year. Plus I got to photograph my beautiful cake toppers that Jv gifted to me for our five year wedding anniversary.

November 2011: Being a guest blogger at Threadesque was so much fun. I need to make more time to host and guest more often. I am so happy Sam offered me the opportunity.

December 2011: Our date day was a highlight of this huge month. I had so many posts to choose from. It was truly a great month overall for time to blog and create. But our date day was so special. I can't wait to plan another one. Or another month of dates. I just love my wonderful husband. He's the greatest.

I would love to see your year in review, too. Just link in the comments below. And here's to a great year of the dragon--2012.


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