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09 January 2012

{something handmade}: a handmade holiday, mama's recipe cards

I created many handmade gifts this year. My sister Lissa got some very pretty potholders. My English teacher friends got some very literary mugs. I'll have more posts about my other projects. But this post is for the pretty recipe cards I made for my Mama.

These are Mama's recipes, some of her favorites. She's the best chef I know. I love bringing home leftovers from my visits. This time she sent me home with my favorite grapefruit, orange, cherry fruit salad, fig cookies, olive salad, lasagna, burritos, and Chex Mix. I think she sent more cookies, too, for Jv.

One thing Mama's always wanted to do is to type up her recipes to share with me, my sisters, and my girl cousins {Mama's nieces}. I've been planning this gift for years. I've been collecting e-mails and texts for years. And I finally finished part of it. I still want Mama to hand write a few recipes for me. That's another project. I'd like for my grandmas to do it, too. And my MIL. There's just something about having a cherished recipe handwritten just for you.

One of my favorite things to do when I visit my mama is to sift through her recipe box at home and ask her which woman in our family wrote which recipe. There's a history of recipes, all in pen, all in cursive, all on batter-stained cards. One day I hope I can carry home one of my GG DeFeo's recipe cards. We shared a birthday, and I've always cherished the one tea cup I have that was hers. She was a good woman.

Though these cards aren't handwritten, they do pass along a great tradition of recipes. Besides, only a few special ones need to be handwritten. It's easier to pass these ones along since the digital files can be stored.

I created these handmade cards {part of my 29 Before 30 list} just last month. I simply created them using the Pages application on my Mac. I created a border with mint colored polka dots. And the fonts are used are Lady Rene {my favorite} and Elegant Light

I think Mama really liked getting them. And now she can pass them along. And we can begin to create an entire stack of family favorites.

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