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28 January 2012

{something calligraphy} chinese calligraphy class after school

This Friday was the World Languages celebration at the high school. There are a number of international students at our school as well as a number of students with international experiences. The World Languages department put on quite a day--and they added after school events like basic Arabic, oragami, dance, and a Chinese calligraphy class {among others}.

I have always been fond of calligraphy. It's something I'm good at--something I've always had a natural talent for creating. When I was in high school myself coaches would constantly ask me to pen names of athletes on state award certificates, and one teacher even hired me to pen her wedding invitations. At one point, I wanted to make it a career--the art of handwriting. Nothing could be more soothing and relaxing.

So when the bell rang at 3, I headed toward the art room for my first lesson in Chinese calligraphy. A delightfully sweet student--a master at Chinese calligraphy--led the small class. And she said I was really good. And she helped me with some strokes. And after a bit of practice, she helped me write the words I wanted to write: my name, love, and Jupiter.

In Chinese, the planets are defined as their elements, followed by the Chinese character for star. And the Chinese character for star is made up of--if I remember correctly--the characters for "sun" and "sons" because stars are the sons of the sun. Jupiter is the wood element, so by combining the Chinese characters for wood and star, I wrote Jupiter with the beautiful calligraphy brush and ink.

It was a wonderful experience. I need more art classes.


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