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23 December 2011

{something wrapped} christmas gifts wrapped under the lighted tree

Wrapping presents has always been something I've had a talent for doing well and enjoying. I used to think I would get a job at the mall in the gift wrap station during the holidays.

For the past five years or so I think I've gotten away without buying {or using} a single roll of wrapping paper. Last year I used paper grocery sacks. And the year before that I used a lot of tissue paper and tulle leftover from a Halloween tutu. And some year in there I used sheet music.

This year I pulled out all my years of gift wrapping supplies. I will admit that I have bought some of these supplies within the past year--the sticker paper for my handmade Christmas tags, the washi tape I found online and at anthropologie, and the wax paper bags I always have on hand in the kitchen. But overall, I, like most artists and crafty people, had most of my supplies on hand marked in a box for "gift wrapping."

This first gift is a throwback to a few years ago. First, wrap the gift with a pretty color tissue paper. I used my last sheet of mint. Then cut a piece of black tulle to fit. Secure the tulle with ribbon {I used yarn my Mama gave me last weekend when I was home}. Add a tag, curly pipe cleaner, or ornament, and it's complete.

As you know, I adore anthropologie. I received a few gift cards last year in these super cute white boxes. I reused this one with a simple twist of yarn, a handmade gift tag, and a key ornament I handmade for JV. Simple. Simple.

Wax paper bags are such a treat. For this package, I wrapped my gifts with a bright colored tissue paper {red} and simply placed them inside the wax paper bag. I finished them off with a simple strip of washi tape and a handmade sticker tag. They are so simple, but I think these are one of my favorites. And they seem to be a perfect alternative to the infamous gift bag.

This one is wrapped with some simple plaid tissue paper I had leftover from wrapping some gifts for my dad last year. I try to use it sparingly. It's like a cross between wrapping paper and tissue paper, and I love it. I finished it off with a yarn bow.

To wrap something smaller, I used some 5x7 manilla envelopes I bought a few years ago for some baby shower invitations. I used simple vintage labels to write names, and I finished the look off with some washi tape and a felt reindeer from Hobby Lobby. These are super cute, and they are much more festive than a plain white envelope.

I did something similar with this envelope I received in the mail a few weeks ago. I had to cover the shipping label with some of my plaid paper. To make it stick, I used washi tape. Then I completed the package with a few snowflake stickers that I've had in the "gift wrap" box for years.

These packages are so pretty under the tree. I have to say--I know wrapping takes time, but I love it.

Do you have any beautiful packaging tips or ideas for the holidays?