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21 December 2011

{something warm} quote mug gifts

My local Value Village can be a treasure chest. And sometimes it can be, well, full of trash. I dropped in this week and scored a TON of ivory diner mugs: treasure chest. At sixty to eighty cents each, I stocked up. And, to be honest, I think I might have to make a third trip tomorrow or Thursday.

Some people might not be comfortable drinking out of a vintage mug, but I've washed them and sanitized them on high heat. And I own up to the idea that it might become a pencil holder.

Since I am so fond of quotes, I simply collected some of my favorites and wrote them on the mugs as pretty as I could with a Porcelain 150 fine point pen in black, like this one here. I usually get mine at Art Mart here in St. Louis. They are currently out of stock, but they will make an order for me when I call them:) I'm going to do something similar with names or monograms later this week--totally in the spirit of anthropologie.

There are nineteen teachers in our English department. And I usually only give my closest friends at work a handmade gift at work. But this time, I couldn't help myself. I packaged each one with a fancy bag of Tazo Joy tea, which you can find here. But try to buy it at Starbucks like I did. It's way too expensive online. If I had more time, I might use my favorite peppermint tea or make my own with this DIY at A Beautiful Mess.

You could also include a special handmade coaster and Starbucks gift card if you wanted to make the gift something more expensive. Or you could also fill them with cocoa and marshmallows {I'm hoping to personalize a few for some kiddos in my life with cocoa}, with a few special pens or markers, with chocolate covered spoons, or with a blend of your favorite coffee.


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  1. Great find, Katie! I haven't been to Value Village in months.

    The mugs look so cute all lined up. The English teachers will love them!

  2. Thanks, Erin. The monogram DIY using the same materials worked out well, too. You'd really like it!

  3. Love this; Love your blog! Found you in Elsie's kitchen post comments and I'm glad I did~ please tell me Katie Scarlett is somehow related to Gone With the Wind? :) Nice to meet you!

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