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14 December 2011

{something tin man} wizard of oz ornament story

My mama sewed this ornament for me for my first Christmas. I was 3 months old. The Tin Man was part of a set, but he was the only one she was able to sew. The rest of the designs disappeared. I used to wonder how I could re-create the rest of the team--Dorothy, the Lion, and the Scarecrow. But I never really got around to it.

Then, one day, on one of my frequent visits to a favorite local vintage shop, I found a package set of the originals. The goal was to make the Lion this year for our baby girl who will join us in April. And maybe this post will inspire me to just find where I stashed it...

Either way, it's one of my favorite ornaments. I like the the Tin Man is alone. And maybe the Lion will be the only one that joins him.

Do you have favorite handmade ornaments?



  1. Thanks, Zane! I started the lion this past weekend. My mama had to do the french knots on his muzzle, but I think I can handle the rest of his tedious sequin and beadwork!