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27 December 2011

{something princess} DIY flower crown

My goddaughter, Francesa, is like me. She likes bows and ribbons in her long, long hair.

For her Christmas gift this year, I decided to make her a flower crown. Since she's little, I didn't want to have any exposed wires. This delightful solution involving a simple needle and wire came to my mind in line at Michaels.

Supplies you need: flexible jewelry wire, craft roses {just the buds pulled off of the stems}, beads, a thick needle, scissors, tape {floral or washi}, and ribbon.

Step One: Cut your wire about six inches longer than the desired length to make up for unexpected trims.
Step Two: Push your needle through the base of a rose. 
Step Three: String the rose onto the wire.
Step Four: Add your beads and more roses in your desired alternating pattern.
Step Five: Once you have the length you need, wrap the wire tightly around itself.
Step Six: Cover the wire with washi or floral tape. 
Step Seven: Cut your ribbons as twice as long as you'd like them to fall.
Step Eight: Tie your ribbons in a tight knot over the washi tape.
Step Nine: Shape crown into a clean circle.

And then gift to your favorite princess. I hope she likes it:)