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29 December 2011

{something hot, something sewn} handmade pot holders DIY

My sister Lissa asked for handmade potholders for her birthday in October. I never got around to it. That is until now. I found some fabulous Christmas Grinch fabric and some just for fun fabric.

I spent the evening and night cutting and sewing like a little elf to create twenty of these beautiful gifts. I'm saving some for future birthdays for friends, but I just know my sister will adore them...a few months late.

If you want to sew these on your own, here's the supply list and a written step-by-step. I forgot to snap photos as I was creating.

Supplies: pretty fabric, thread, cotton batting, ribbon, scissors, and a sewing machine.

Step One: Cut your fabric into your desired size squares. You will need two squares per potholder. I just traced around a potholder I already had in the kitchen. And I didn't measure.
Step Two: Place your fabric pretty sides facing.
Step Three: Using your sewing machine, sew three sides of the fabric, so that you have an open pouch. Step Four: Turn the fabric right side out.
Step Five: Cut three layers of batting the size of your potholder.
Step Six: Place the batting inside the pocket. Trim it so that there's about half and inch to an inch more fabric than batting.
Step Seven: Tuck your unsewn top layers inside.
Step Eight: Add a loop of ribbon at the corner of the open end.
Step Nine: Sew shut. Move slowly with your machine. You might want to use heavy duty needles. I didn't. One broke, but then I moved slowly. During this step I also used a shiny silver thread.
Step Ten: Sew around the entire potholder, with about a quarter inch border around the edge.
Step Eleven: Sew a letter "x" across the potholder, if you desire.

Yay! You did it. I know I need photos! But if you have questions, just ask me. It's such a delightful gift. I, of course, made a few more for myself. And these are tried and true in my kitchen. The batting has enough layers to protect your hands!



  1. Love the Grinch! All your fabric choices, really. Also, this is weird because I was behind a girl in Jo-Anns yesterday who was going to make a bunch of these.

  2. Thanks for the compliments on the fabric choices, Erin! I can't wait to get together some more combinations to create some pillows to update our living room! xo.

  3. I love, love, looove these. The fabric & color combo in the top photo are my favs. Too cute!

  4. Love these!! I will have to try making some :) My goal for this year is to make more handmade things!