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03 December 2011

{something cookie cutter} rocking horse ornament story

Welcome to Ornament Story. This is a new feature I'm adding to the blog to prepare for the holidays. I've been designing and collecting Christmas ornaments for as long as I can remember. I still have some hanging on the tree at Mom and Dad's, but most of them are here with us in St. Louis. As part of the ornament story series, my hope is to write a short vignette about some of the ornaments in my collection. Along with each story, I'm posting a new Christmas Ornament DIY for you to create this holiday season. 

I used to dance. The studio's building is still in my parents' old neighborhood, but now it's a church. I think it was a church before it was Lori's dance studio, too. I wasn't that great at dance, but I do remember Lori. She had long, curly black hair. And she was very kind. 

Every year at Christmas we always had a recital in studio; one year, we wore elf costumes. My sister Lissa and I still have the pieces. Lori also hosted a Christmas party every December with cookies. And no one left without a gift. Each year, I think, the gift was the same, an ornament. I only remember one ornament, and it still hangs on my tree today. It's a blue rocking horse with plaid details. Lori lettered her name and the date, 1988, in gold paint pen. Each year I hang it on the tree I am reminded of the short days of dance, the elf costumes, and Lori. 

For this Cookie Cutter DIY, you will need the following supplies: vintage cookie cutters {I find these out thrifting all the time, and this Christmas set was too cute and affordable to pass up}, spray paint {I used a champagne gold color}, a hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, ribbon {my glittery find is from Michaels}, and a button.

As you work, here's a great song for your listening. I heard it on Glee the other night, and I love it.

Girls just wanna have fun by Glee Cast on Grooveshark

The first thing you want to do is spray paint your ornaments. Lay them out on paper, and give them a light spray. I did two light coats, allowing some of the original colors to subtly sneak through for a magical effect. Allow them to dry overnight. You can see the before above and the after below.

The Step by Step
Step 1: Spray Paint your ornaments.
Step 2: After your ornaments are dry, take them inside.
Step 3: Add a small dime sized amount of hot glue to the back of the ornament.
Step 4: Place the ribbon in the glue, creating a loop for it to hang on the tree.
Step 5: Secure the ribbon to the cookie cutter {and polish the look} by adding a button over the exposed glue.
Step 6 {optional}: sign your name and the date with a black or white paint pen {in true Lori fashion}

I think these will be super cute to gift with a package of cookies for friends or family this holiday season. If you have even more time, I also thought it would be cute to add more paint or glitter to the ridges of the cookie cutters. 

If you have any great ornament stories or links of your own, please share them in the comments below. Enjoy creating this winter, and I hope you find some time to dance.



  1. These are really cute, Katie! Great idea!

  2. Thanks, Erin! I wish I had it in me to sew a cute advent calendar like yours. xo

  3. That's so neat that you have an ornament collection! I love the look of the cookie cutter ones, such a great idea!