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07 November 2011

{something wood, something silver} five year wedding anniversary gifts

Before I even looked for the traditional gift guide for year five, I was secretly wishing it was the year to gift wood for two reasons: I've been wanting an excuse to gift JV this screen printed lucha mask key hook by New Duds on etsy, and I've always wanted to have these sweet handmade cake toppers by peanutbutter bandit on etsy{I collect vintage and handmade wedding cake toppers} gifted to me, from my love. My love also found a handmade wood bracelet for me on etsy that is super cute. I wore it all summer.

If you haven't been reading {charmed earth} for long // or just to remind you // here are all the years posted. Year Five will be it until June 24, 2012. First Year: Paper. Second Year: Cotton. Third Year: Leather and Glass. Fourth Year: Appliances. Fifth Year: Wood and Silver.

If you want a full list, here's one online. We usually go with traditional, but sometimes the modern or alternate gifts make more sense.

When I read to my delight that year five wasn't just wood but silverware, too, I couldn't help but take the signal to order these custom forks from lisa leonard designs. I had them engraved with the words *forever* *and ever*. Most anniversaries involve a night out for dinner, but sometimes we stay in. And even if there isn't dinner, sometimes there's cake.

For our five year wedding anniversary--back in June--we dined at a St. Louis spot, Eleven Eleven Mississippi. It was delicious. And I always want to remember the golden candlelit glow of that night, how we sat across from one another and shared our dreams for starting a family together one day soon. I can't wait.

I hope your five-year anniversaries are {were} as delightful. And let's hope there are many more to come.

katie scarlett

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