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26 November 2011

{something traditional} thanksgiving photo shoot

Mama didn't mail this one off, but we found it to be quite entertaining.
My mama still sends a family Christmas card with our photo. Since I started leaving for college, we started taking it annually as a tradition on Thanksgiving. This year, since my baby brother is in college, and we are rarely home at the same time, it's more difficult to get it taken in time for the Christmas mailing.

My Dad likes to take the candid shots. That's Vito, our bulldog, in his clear usual misbehavior.
This is me with my sisters, Melissa {Mj} and Molly
And this is me with my brothers, Max and Boomer, and my husband, Jv.

Since I wasn't with the family this year, I was a bit saddened that I couldn't be there for the photo op. Mama's going to have two photos--one with my brothers and sisters, one with me and Jv.

This is one of the good ones from 2008.
In honor of the tradition, I thought I'd share some favorites from the past few years. It's a goal for me to post the collection one of these days, but I'll need to collect and scan the non-digital archives.

This is one of the good ones from 2009.
I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Traditions. I did make our traditional family recipes for cranberry salad and rolls to share with my husband and our family on his side.


  1. No, not yet got on Etsy. Thank you for the compliments! Kiss in the heart!

  2. That first one cracks me up. Great pictures!