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21 November 2011

{something feathers, leather, and gold} hair feathers DIY

When the clock struck midnight Sunday, my golden feathers DIY appeared magically at Threadesque.

When Sam, the delightful blogger and Rose Vintage shop owner, asked me to host a November DIY on her super cute blog, I did a little dance. Her blog inspires creativity all the time, and her vintage finds compliment any fashion statement.  I am so glad to have such an artistic new friend. 
For this Thanksgiving inspired DIY, you will need the supplies listed below. You can find almost everything at your local craft store or via etsy. 

Supply List: Feathers, embroidery thread {I chose DMC gold}, leather or suede ribbon, bobby pin, clothespins, and scissors.

Step One: Gather and arrange your feathers. Secure them with a clothespin. 
Step Two: Add your leather ribbon to the feather arrangement, on the back side. Re-secure clothespin.
Step Three: Begin to tie the gold thread around the feathers and leather ribbon. 
Step Four: Flip the feathers and leather to tie another knot. Continue to flip and tie knots until your feathers and leather are securely together. A band of gold will begin to form. When you hit the top, tie three or four extra knots on the back side. 
Step 5: Secure a bobby pin in the middle of the leather ribbon.
Step 6: Let the golden threads fly with the wind; they look magical blended in with the feathers, and chances of the gold unraveling will disappear.

All you have to do next is wear them. My favorite fashion accessories to pair them with are leggings, fringe boots, and simple earrings. You could even use colorful feathers for a bright holiday look.
Thank you, Sam, for hosting this DIY. I am truly grateful for the chance to share my ideas with you and your readers. 


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  1. Oooh those are so fun! Such a great way to dress up your hair!