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02 November 2011

{something appliance} year four anniversary gift

Year Four. I almost didn't post about it. But then I just wouldn't be true to us. It's a year of a *mistake* we learned from.

When our 4th wedding anniversary came up, we were in the process of *restyling* our kitchen, making it easier for us to appreciate and for our house to appreciate. The first step was new counters. And the next step was a dishwasher. And a matching stove with an overhead microwave.

Jv and I fell in love with our bungalow the moment we stepped inside on a November afternoon. We didn't notice there wasn't a dishwasher. We didn't notice the countertops weren't cut right. We didn't notice that the corners above the countertops weren't painted. And we didn't notice that the vinyl flooring would be impossible to clean. We didn't notice.

But after living in our charming bungalow for a few weeks, we began to notice. And we began to plan. And we began to *dream*. And we began to save. And to save even more we decided that since the four year wedding anniversary gift is appliances, that would be our gift.

It makes sensible sense. But I like little gifts, even if they are less than a dollar. So year four was celebrated with the traditional appliances and the tradition that we'd never substitute a kitchen remodel for an anniversary celebration.

I still think we exchanged cards. If my memory is right, the handmade card from JV that year was pretty complex. And the one I found in New York, by Belle and Boo, is framed in our dining room. If we ever move, we'll take those with us. But I think the dishwasher--though a much appreciated new addition to our family--with have to stay with the bungalow.

What are your plans for your four year wedding anniversaries? Past and future...

katie scarlett


  1. Love the Orla Kiely dishcloth! :)

  2. Thanks. I love it, too. I wish Orla would find her way back into Target!

  3. That's def a good gift. I've never had a dishwasher and I can't wait to have one one day. New appliances are super awesome. Happy Anniversary! :)


  4. We spent our 4th (in June) in Dallas, watching "Midnight in Paris" and having a lovely dinner.
    then we vacationed in San Francisco, then we moved to Portland with our best friends.
    Year 4 is shaping up beautifully, and I hope yours is too.

  5. That sounds like a great 4-year gift to me! Hmmm, 4 years, we lived in a bungalow too, without a dishwasher. We usually just go to a nice dinner out which is perfect for me, a little time with the husband. ;o)