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11 October 2011

{something odyssey halloween}: cyclops necklace DIY

Max conquered the Wild Things by staring into their eyes, demanding that they "be still." Odysseus defeated the Cyclops, a long, long time ago. The one-eyed monster is one of the original Halloween scare-fest contenders. And while Odysseus and Max were searching for their way home, I was simply searching for more order at home. And I came across these ancient googly-Cyclops-eyes in my craft stash.

They stared at me for a few days before I could discover what to make of them. Then, sitting side-by-side with my button collection, it came to me: cyclops necklaces. The DIY is fairly simple. You'll need some jewelry making supply staples, which I always happen to have on hand, as well as some googly eyes and vintage {or new} buttons just a tad larger than your monster googly eyes.

Supply List: Extra-strong jewelry glue, vintage buttons, googly eyes, jump rings, jewelry pliers, and figure eight connectors. You could use jewelry bails instead of the figure eight connectors and jump rings, but I used the less expensive option for this DIY.

Step 1 Place your button on a surface that can get ruined {scrap paper, an old card, an old cereal box} and add a small drop of glue. 

Step 2 Attach the Cyclops googly eye.

Step 3 Flip the button so that the eye is face down {this is so the glue doesn't continue to leak through the button holes and firmly stick to your surface. You may need to wipe the glue smooth with a toothpick.

Step 4 Glue the figure eight connector to the back of the button.

Step 5 After waiting for it to dry for a bit, add the jump ring using your jewelry pliers. If you need assistance for a visual for how to open and close the jump rings with the pliers, this YouTube video is helpful.

Step 6 Make your Cyclops necklace complete with a strand of string or a simple ball chain.

I also thought glueing some eyes to bobby pins or pin backs might be cute. And I can't wait to wear mine when I read Odysseus's story against the Cyclops in the coming weeks. Or for all monster stories for that matter. Even Max and the Wild Things. Watch out!


  1. Very cute and i love that the eye moves too!
    Xo, cb

  2. what an adorable little necklace! so creative!

    adorable blog..thanks for stopping by mine! visit again, k?

    xo katie