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26 October 2011

{something carved} halloween jack-o-lanterns

We carved our pumpkins a few weeks ago at Maddie and Chris's house. It was a super sweet event. Maddie prepped their garage with tarps, knives, and buckets for the guts. We just had to come with  pumpkins and ideas:)

We picked up our pumpkins are the simple mennonite market in a small town outside of JV's hometown. It was a simply delightful stop. I loved all the autumn veggies and flowers. So pretty.

My design this year was on a small pumpkin, a witch of my own imagination with stars and moon. JV drew a grid. Then we left them on his parents' porch to spread the holiday happiness.



  1. It wasn't a grid. It was brickwork. And it said "Poop."

  2. HAHAHA I thought it said poop lol

  3. LMAO, a poop pumpkin. That's hilarious. Sorry.

  4. Those corn on the cobs look amazing! You never see them like that in the supermarket over here.