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03 October 2011

{something 29+1} the cake, rainbow style

When I was four, I adored Rainbow Bright. And this memory starts with a photo: four candles sit on top of a rectangle sheet cake that my mama baked for me. Using the crafty skills {she passed along to me} she decorated the top with pink, blue, green, and yellow iced sculptures of Miss Rainbow Bright and her sprites, much more homemade and much more wonderful than any professional baker could imagine.

And my fuzzy memory brings me back to the kitchen the night before, baking my first rainbow cake with Mama in our blue kitchen. We added the eggs, oil, and water to the white cake mix. Then we separated it into four bowls, one for each color of food coloring. We squeezed the drops into the batter, then magically each batter began to take on its magical colors. The next step, Mama showed me, was to pour parts of each color directly into the buttered pan, at random, creating a zigzag, mish-mash, checkerboard of sorts. Then we baked it. Mama iced it the next morning, and after I blew out the candles in my violet corduroy dress, we cut into the rainbow surprise no one was expecting. {and note I wrote out this memory before digging up the photo for the post, "sweets to the sweet!"}

I have always loved my rainbows, especially my rainbow cake. And now the DIY market is full of them. And since Mama lives hours away, and I'm a little on the busy side, I called in a professional baker for this six-layer beauty. The 29+1 party wouldn't be complete without it, and I am so thankful for the talented and kind people at Kreative Kakes. The cake was a hit.

My friend Maddie snapped some photos of me cutting into it, but I haven't seen them yet. For now,  I suppose just cake will do. With the cake table, Home Wine Kitchen provided a very vintage mantle surround. I decorated it with a string of white ball lights, blue glass ball jars, and one of my custom quote mugs with Shakespeare's Hamlet line Sweets to the Sweet,"flowers, and two vintage flash cards reading "let's eat."

I even brought along my custom silver forks from lisa leonard designs {year five anniversary gift to JV since year five is silver and wood, but that post is for another day} that read "forever and ever." They are so perfect and sweet.

Yay for the cake. And yay for four-year-old birthdays and 29+1 birthdays. And yay for rainbows.



  1. I love that cake, so amazing. Was it flavored or just vanilla?

  2. I love '29+1'! Your blog is wonderful, and I can't wait to read more about your year of not buying a single item! Also, thanks for the sweet comment about my bag :)