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02 September 2011

{something traded-in} amazon trade-in credit

I jumped with delight when I arrived home after school today. A small package, which I knew I had not ordered, sat on our doorstep. The contents inside were light, the return address read Hudson, New Hampshire, the sender: Amazon. My unaccepted trade-ins were back. And of the twenty-something I sent, only two sat inside the package.

Before stripping off my jeans for a cooler pair or shorts or grabbing the Tylenol to relieve the day's headache, I jumped on Amazon to verify if, in fact, all the other books were accepted. This was a true success: $107.97 of gift card credit sat smiling at me. It took less than a minute to fill my basket with my Instax wide and a two-pack of film.

And now I am itching to see what else I can trade-in.


P.S. I even broke their rules to test the waters on a few of the titles, sending in some with my notes in pen. They were accepted! And I blacked out my name on some, and they still accepted those. Yay! What old books do you have that you can trade-in for something new?


  1. wow i have never heard of this. i might need to try it out! so cool!