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23 September 2011

{something planned}: 29+1 party planning weekend

I'm spending the weekend crafting details for the 29+1 bash next weekend. Tonight, I plan to get all of the photo booth props cut, glued, and glittered. And gathered. JV ordered the cake {custom} this afternoon, and we're hoping to visit the space one last time this weekend before the wonderful event.

I'm hoping to post favors, too. If I get that far. There's also a few stacks of essays I'm trying to convince Vito to grade for me with his paws.

katie scarlett

P.S. The image is via Ruffled. You can find the template I'm using there, too. xoxo.

13 September 2011

{something celebrated} my wonderful 29+1 evening with JV

After a long Monday, complete with an after-school meeting that didn't break until after 5, I was delighted to see JV's car in the driveway when I finally arrived home last night. I opened the door to the crisp smell of tortillas and cheese melting on the stove. And the stack of presents on the dining room floor magically made the rest of the day float away.

After supper, we went for a walk to prepare for the extra calories of the special birthday surprise treat: cupcakes from The Cup. They were delish! My favorite last night was the Italian Cream. It was such a dream: I want to try to bake them myself. {The plate it one of my StarGlow plates I discovered on my Springfield Vintage Road Trip.} We were so full after splitting that one Italian Cream Cake {and a few bites of the turtle}, so we've saved the Oreo Tuxedo and Red Velvet for tonight. If only every Monday night could be my birthday.

katie scarlett

08 September 2011

{something recharging} necessary rewinding

Without getting into too many details, I've been exhausted this week. eXhausted with a capital X. So for tonight I'm trying to rewind. And I am very happy that tomorrow is finally Friday. I just finished a bubble bath with some quiet music, and now I think that I'm going to fit in some drawing time before entering dream-land.


05 September 2011

{something givenaway}: smile and wave give away

Rachel made the cutest collage with my August giveaway. I just had to share it with you.


p.s. all items are available in the shop. And clipboards can always be customized and personalized.

02 September 2011

{something traded-in} amazon trade-in credit

I jumped with delight when I arrived home after school today. A small package, which I knew I had not ordered, sat on our doorstep. The contents inside were light, the return address read Hudson, New Hampshire, the sender: Amazon. My unaccepted trade-ins were back. And of the twenty-something I sent, only two sat inside the package.

Before stripping off my jeans for a cooler pair or shorts or grabbing the Tylenol to relieve the day's headache, I jumped on Amazon to verify if, in fact, all the other books were accepted. This was a true success: $107.97 of gift card credit sat smiling at me. It took less than a minute to fill my basket with my Instax wide and a two-pack of film.

And now I am itching to see what else I can trade-in.


P.S. I even broke their rules to test the waters on a few of the titles, sending in some with my notes in pen. They were accepted! And I blacked out my name on some, and they still accepted those. Yay! What old books do you have that you can trade-in for something new?