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29 August 2011

{something true}: writing prompt #2

Last week, I dreamt up a new writing prompt for my "Big 'T' Truth, little 't' truth" song and dance. It went over so well. And I wanted to share it with you. For those of you that don't know, the Truths are the hard and fast facts that you can't change when telling a true story; but the truths are the bits you can embellish--my favorite writing teacher {Dr. Priscilla Riggle} taught me that tip. And I live by it with my writers during our Creative Nonfiction unit.

Here's your prompt. Feel free to change it up as you go...

When I was five, I thought truth meant.... but now that I am older, I believe truth is....

Happy Writing!

Ms. Scarlett

// p.s. // The mug is handmade by me:) It's one of my new items at corner cottage in dexter. I'll be taking custom orders for Christmas starting the day after Thanksgiving! Yay!