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31 August 2011

{something sweet dreams}: a bedroom makeover in parts

The dreamy bedroom makeover is pretty much complete, as complete as I get. I always find something to change. This is the display above our bed. Instead of a headboard, I went with a sheer tulle and garden lights, which is delightfully romantic. I picked up the gold frames thrifting when I was home visiting with my sister--and it was half price day! So the total was probably close to $5 for all four of them, maybe less.

On the insides of the frames, I initially cut out the letters L-O-V-E from a vintage map. But as I was organizing and decluttering, I discovered our maps from our Italy trip. I revised the maps to be the streets of Florence and Rome. I might revise again with the pages of an awesome atlas I found this summer, switching the letters to something else and having more places we've traveled.

The letters alone weren't cutting it for me, so I let my mind marinate like caramel sauce in a sticky toffee pudding until I dreamt up the perfect final touch: It all started with a karaoke night on a hill under the stars.

It reads so sweetly. And it's the perfect personal note to how JV and I began. Our close friends know that it started in August, on a hill, in Kirksville, Mo., on a karaoke night, during our freshman week of college, under the stars.

I decided to print the poetic phrase onto some vellum I've had in my stash since college. The font is lt chickenhawk {a freebie at dafont}. I might revise it to since I've acquired Lady Rene. But for now it's nothing but sweet, sweet dreams.

katie scarlett


  1. This is really lovely!

  2. i love it! such a beautiful idea and i love the map letters too and the added bonus of the lights. that is always so romantic!

  3. Katie, that looks really lovely.

  4. So! Pretty! I love how you have lined the frames up so the bottoms are in a line (rather than the tops).

  5. Jaime. Thanks for noticing the small detail I did take notice of when hanging the frames. I thought it was more visually artistic and appealing!

  6. Hooray for prepositional phrases! I feel like a real detective for correctly guessing that you and Johnny met at Freshman Week karaoke night. One of the things I love about Truman is that it's big enough to not know everything about everyone, yet small enough to have shared experiences. My life didn't change forever that night, but I do remember being there and having a great time. Hope you're able to rest up from your bad week. Happy early Birthday!

    -Kristin (it's not letting me log into my profile, hence the "anonymous" post)

  7. this is the sweetest. i love it. helps you remember the first time you met your love.

    i would love for you to link this up to flashback fridays.
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    you can check it out here:

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