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09 August 2011

{something noted} scrap paper note list D.I.Y.

One day at school, I saw my friend Steffy toss a pile of sheet music {blank on one side} into the recycle bin. She's very Earth friendly. But I stopped her.

I asked her: do you recycle those all the time?
She replied: yes.
I asked her: do you think I could have it for scrap paper. The music notes are beautiful.
She replied: yes, I can even put more in your mailbox as I go through it.
I replied: That sounds wonderful.

Ok, maybe that's not the exact conversation. But it was something like that. And since that day she's given me thousands of sheets of paper destined for the recycle bin too early. I make copies on the blank side for time to time for my students, but the most useful way to use this paper is for quick notes, lists, and passes to admit students to class late.

I know I posted something similar last year, involving staples and magnets, but this one it just cuter.

Supplies: scrap paper, beautiful brads, 1/4" hole punch.

1. Stack your paper in increments of five. Punch them five at a time. I use one stack as a guide.
2. Create a stack of 30-40 sheets.
3. Fix paper together with a beautiful brad, I found these cute clouds at Michael's for 99-cents.
4. Give them to your friends.

katie scarlett

{p.s.} I'm getting ready for 30 days of lists, even though it doesn't start until September. Be on the lookout for my own list prompts that month.

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  1. I feel famous.

    p.s. I got my bookplates yesterday!!! So adorable. THANK YOU!!!