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07 August 2011

{something literary} weekend quote, wuthering heights

I have to admit, I really loved this crazy story when I was in high school. Catherine and Heathcliff just kept me reading. I even made a Cruel Intentions journal as a creative response project--I still have it.

So this week a classic inspired the quote. It's sweet, isn't it.

Ms. Scarlett


  1. I've never read Wuthering Heights, but I used this quote in our wedding program. Actually, I think we paraphrased "yours and mine" instead of "his and mine," but sweet nonetheless.

  2. I loved this book (and this quote) too. It's fun because we can enjoy it as a sweet quote, but when I think of it in context of the book I remember scary winds and the questionable origins of Heathcliff's soul. Ah, I love this book!