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22 August 2011

{something instamagnetic} instagram magnets

One of my weekly reads is I Go By Katie. I like her blog because she's a fellow Katie, and I know the phrase well. I've met many new teachers with the line, "I go by Katie."

One of her most recent posts spoke right to me. I've started Instagramming almost every day, and I am addicted to the beauty of an Instagram print {Hipstamatics, too}. And I am pretty sure I need to start documenting my project 365. Let's say I'm going September to September.

Well. Katie {like me} also discovered all of the very wonderful online sites that will print your Instagram pictures {as well as make photo books, sticker books, posters, you name it}. Then she remembered her stash of magnet sheets and photo paper. Then I remembered my printable magnet sheets, circa 2006 wedding supplies.

Such a sweet idea. I am in LOVE.

This DIY is so simple. Just arrange your pix on a document page, print them, and display them to make your fridge super beautiful.

katie scarlett

p.s. There are tons of new items in the shop at etsy. Please check them out!

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  1. Kind of makes me wish I had an iPhone. But... not enough to get one. ;)