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18 August 2011

{something featured} roots

One of my favorite spots to shop is right in my neighborhood. It's called Roots. It's full of all sorts of vintage signage, baskets, and paper ephemera. And I love coming across a good find there on a Tuesday afternoon.

A few weeks ago, Roots made a call for customers to send in photos of Roots finds in our homes. And they featured some of mine on their blog! Yay! It's so wonderful to read that someone likes my restyle of their finds. If you are near Manchester and Sutton, you should check them out, Tuesday-Saturday.

This also reminds me that I owe you photos of my home makeover, especially the bedroom.


*the Roots finds: the "xo" above my underwood typewriter, the "xo" by my Aunt Agnes's boy and girl salt and pepper shakers, and the "you and me" cards and ampersand sign. The cute owl on my mantle is one of two vintage Shawnee owl salt and pepper shakers that I found between home and my in-laws. A buy I will never regret. Notice: he looks just like the anthropologie cookie jar I adored last month.


  1. Love your vignettes, Katie! I had never heard of that store before. It's probably one of those cute stores in Maplewood I never go to?

  2. I love Roots and the sisters who run it. It's one of my favorite shops to go with my sisters. P.S. The tights are from JCREW. My yahoo wouldn't let me reply?