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06 July 2011

Something Pretty: Original Street Art

I just love the satisfaction of a pretty project, a project worth all the time and mess it took to complete. This is one of those projects.

When JV and I were searching for bedding for the new bedroom makeover (we had to compromise, I didn't get my Anthropologie ruffles. I'd still wish for them as a backup:)) We started browsing through magazines. A few home decor layouts included one of my favorite trends: the large black background with places listed in bold white letters. They start at $300 for uncustomized art. I wanted custom: the places we'd visited, the places we'd lived, the places we wished to travel to. It didn't take long for me to convince myself that I could make this project.

Supplies: a can of flat spray paint, a straight edge (ruler, tape measure, flat cardboard), vinyl lettering in 4 sizes (I went with 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch), and a large 24x48 canvas. My total supplies cost was around $50. I purchased everything at ArtMart.

At first I was going to paint the canvas all black and just add the vinyl lettering. Then I caught myself worrying that the lettering might fall off, get really gross, or just peel. So I tested a corner to see if I could spray over the letters and lift them off. Success!

Steps: Cut your vinyl letters out before sticking them onto the canvas. Cut them and stack them in piles. After the letters are cut, begin to space them out on the canvas, alternating sizes. Once you are ready, begin to peel and stick the letters, starting at the top. My attempts to keep everything perfectly straight were unsuccessful because I didn't want to grab a ruler and pencil. If you want straight letters, measure twice.

Hint: If you seem to need a letter in a certain size that is missing, just leave a gap for it. You can add it after you spray it and peel it off from another street, place, name, etc. After all of your white letters are on the white canvas, take it outside. While outside, spray paint carefully. Be sure to have a cereal box or other sheet of cardboard to cover areas you don't want to be black just yet (like those white gaps that need to borrow a letter). I sprayed areas slowly, two to three streets at a time, covering the rest with my cardboard.

When the paint dries (which takes hardly any time), peel off your letters. And viola! Instant, original, personalized street art.
What do you think? JV came home last night, and he loves the quirkyness of it. And I am very delighted with this {something pretty}.


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