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07 July 2011

{something pretty}: best dressed

Senior superlatives rarely live out in life after high school. But they are a very delightful way to spend the last days with the friends you've known for near a lifetime--at that time.

The high school I teach at decided to celebrate teacher superlatives and senior superlative this year. I know it's not the cover of Vogue or People, but it still makes me smile. The yearbook was released in May, and though I knew my award, I was keeping it a bit of a secret: I'm best dressed teacher. I wore my fringe boots for the yearbook pic: they cropped them out. So I thought I'd share an outfit post I never posted---with my wonderful Frye Boots.

Dress, Forever21. Tights, Target. Cardigan, Calvin Klein 2007. Boots, Frye (gift from JV), Necklace, Polarity, designer The Nebulous Kingdom. Headband, Goody.

xoxo, katie

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  1. I thought it was so cute that you won that.