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10 July 2011

{something layered}: photoshop success

Photoshop has always been a magical mystery to me. I've always wanted to discover how to create layers and overlays of my own to add to my photos. One of my favorite artists, Jessica of vol25, has a lot of tutorials, too. I'm hoping to check them out throughout this week. This lazy Sunday afternoon finally gave me the opportunity to play around. I started with this video tutorial on YouTube.

YouTube is the best place to learn how to do almost any project. Time and time again, it shows me step-by-step how to accomplish almost any project. For this project, I didn't quite master overlays, but I finally got a handle on layers. The best part was that I could pause and play they video as I tried the steps out:)

I'm simply wild about the result. And I think Vito {our bulldog} and JV are impressed too.

Now I just have to master the overlay process. The hard part is saving the layer as a PNG file. I need to research that, but if you have any overlay tips, tricks, or links, please share them in the comments.


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