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01 July 2011

Something Cotton: Lucky Year Two Wedding Anniversary

The Burger Bar is located at the Casinos in St. Louis. There, you can build your own burger--from asparagus to truffles to blue cheese, they have it all. It's one of JV's favorite spots to eat, so we spent our 2nd anniversary at the Casinos for dinner, a few slots machines, and a large, cozy, bed we didn't ever have to make:)

The traditional gift for year two is cotton;, the modern, also cotton.

JV surprised me with two cotton shirts: a Lacoste polo and my favorite Lucky Brand T. I wear it all the time. He says he had to buy it because it was on sale, and it was all me. He was right. I still wear it weekly during the summer. I adore it.

I surprised JV with a cotton shirt, too. His, also from Lucky. Nothing fancy--he's a very difficult husband to buy clothing for and get it right. But he loved the all black cotton so much he wore it that weekend.

Such sweetness. I know that cotton could be more creative, but I can't help but smile at the sweet similarity of our gifts that year.


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